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Fabric Brand-PinyTex
Every layer is optimized, every inch is carefully. The Pinytex brand, which was founded in 2002, only uses high-quality long-staple cotton from Egypt, the United States and Xinjiang as production raw materials. The world's high-quality production equipment and Italian advanced production technology are used to produce soft fabric It has luster and has become the preferred fabric of many internationally renowned brands.
Fabric Spot Brand ---- Anjue & Dili 1919
Anjue & Dili 1919 was founded in 1919, is a brand with a history of nearly 100 years, and has now become synonymous with high-quality woven shirt fabrics. Anjue & Dili insist on using only high-quality compact long-staple cotton yarns, incorporating classic and original Italian design concepts, and using advanced textile technology to give full play to the high-quality characteristics of the fabric. The company created the Anjue & Dili 1919 spot e-commerce sales model. Customers can purchase spot fabrics on the spot website . For customers, they can shorten the delivery time of fabrics and seize the market first. Machine for greater economic benefits.