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protect environment

The company has passed the ISO14000 environmental management system certification. It attaches great importance to social and environmental responsibility in air quality and water pollution. It is committed to scientific and environmental research, continuously optimizing production processes to reduce environmental impact, maintaining the environmental quality of human beings, and producing green and environmentally-friendly dyed fabric Fabric.

Reduce energy consumption

Adhering to the concept of "energy saving, consumption reduction, and emission reduction", the company reduces energy input and consumption from aspects of heat energy reuse, lye reuse, and reclaimed water reuse, alleviates the pressure on emissions, achieves comprehensive utilization of resources, and continues to promote cleanliness. produce;

Combined School

The company runs a joint school with Changzhou Textile and Garment Vocational Technical College and Changzhou Light Industry Vocational Technical College. As an internship base, it attracts a large number of professional and technical personnel. Students can put the learned theoretical knowledge into practice in factories to improve the professional level of textile printing and dyeing. The development of the industry has injected fresh blood.

Social welfare

On the basis of achieving its own development and benefit growth, the company does not forget to thank the employees and give back to the society, make charitable donations for employees in need, low-income families, poor students, and major natural disasters, and practice the philosophy of charity with practical actions.

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