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Corporate vision: a trusted brand, a well-known supplier of global yarn-dyed shirt fabrics

Interpretation: Creating a trustworthy brand is the outstanding goal for which every bunker strives; becoming a well-known supplier of yarn-dyed shirt fabrics worldwide is a pursuing goal of continuous development of bunkers, relying on the brand, going to the world and creating glory, Realize the company's beautiful vision.

Corporate strategy : Focus on the research and development and production of yarn-dyed shirt fabrics, focusing on foreign sales, and develop both domestically and internationally. Focus on meeting the needs of the niche, continuously increase the added value of products, and enhance the competitiveness in the domestic and foreign yarn-dyed fabric market. Become a well-known supplier of yarn-dyed shirt fabrics globally. At the same time, it will implement vertical integration, extend downstream of the industrial chain, create its own brand, establish two online and offline sales models, and gradually establish a brand image.

The core values of the company: talent as the root, management as the basis, quality as the highest, and customers as the most important.

Quality policy: keep improving, create a model of quality; change and innovate, create fine textile products.

Environmental policy: Pay attention to the ecological environment, strictly control emissions in accordance with the law; continue to save energy and reduce consumption, and build environmentally friendly brands.

Entrepreneurial spirit: the professionalism of "love factory like home and fulfill our duties";

The dedication of "doing one thing for the public, regardless of fame and fortune";

"Don't be afraid of difficulties, perseverance" spirit of hard work;

The spirit of hard work "Go forward, strive for first-class";

"Strict character and meticulous" truth-seeking spirit;